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Written in Starlight (Woven in Moonlight, #2) by Isabel Ibanez

Written in StarlightTitle: Written in Starlight (Woven in Moonlight, #2)
Author: Isabel Ibanez
Rating: ★★★

An adventerous South American Tomb Raider! This hotly anticipated companion to Woven in Moonlight follows an outcast Condesa, as she braves the jungle to forge an alliance with the lost city of gold.

If the jungle wants you, it will have you…

Catalina Quiroga is a Condesa without a country. She’s lost the Inkasisa throne, the loyalty of her people, and her best friend. Banished to the perilous Yanu Jungle, Catalina knows her chances of survival are slim, but that won’t stop her from trying to escape. It’s her duty to reclaim the throne.

When Manuel, the son of her former general, rescues Catalina from a jaguar, a plan forms. Deep in the jungle, the city of gold is hidden, home to the fierce Illari people, who she could strike an alliance with.

But the elusive Illari are fighting a battle of their own—a mysterious blight is corrupting the jungle, laying waste to everything they hold dear. As a seer, Catalina should be able to help, but her ability to read the future in the stars is as feeble as her survival instincts. While searching for the Illari, Catalina must reckon with her duty and her heart to find her true calling, which could be the key to stopping the corruption before it destroys the jungle completely.

I received this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Written in Starlight is the continuation of the fantasy series Woven in Moonlight. This was definitely different than most other series. In this novel, we follow Catalina instead of Ximena, who took us on her journey in the last book. I’m not entirely sure if I believe that this novel was necessary to the storyline overall until the very last few chapters. I missed Ximena’s viewpoint.

Woven in Moonlight leaves off with Catalina being betrayed by her best friend Ximena. While both wanted the removal of Atoc, Ximena wanted the best person for the job, which she thought to be Princess Tamaya. After refusing to submit to Tamaya, Catalina is sent to fare in the middle of the jungle. If she can make it out alive, she is absolved of all. The problem is making it out alive, among the deadly beasts and plants, and who knows what else.

Shortly after entering the forest, Catalina runs into someone we have all been curious about: Manuel. Where are all of these girls finding these selfless men and where do I get one?! Manuel is finally ready to return home only to be forced on another journey to find the illusive Illari.

Proving their truest hearts and tackling many obstacles, the Condessa and Manuel prove not only their physical strength, but their mental, as well. Not to mention, some low-key flirting. The growth of Catalina is apparent. The physical and emotional struggles that both Manuel and Catalina face is real and not forced. While predictable, Written in Starlight is a pleasant read for those who want to adventure into the unknown while getting a little into the “feels”. 

Anyone else wonder why the King wasn’t saved?

Readers do not have to read Woven in Moonlight, however, it is recommended if you are an order person like myself. 

Written in Starlight is a story of one girl who finds herself, can admit when she is wrong, and will do what is best for those around her. Ibanez brings readers a story of adventure, love, and the lasting ties of friendship.