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Quiz: Sort Your Dog Into A Hogwarts House

I saw this quiz over at Breanna’s blog and I couldn’t pass it up! I took her out for her birthday dinner and told her I was stealing this! My blog is Synopses by Sarge, named after my beloved pup! Initially, I was thinking he was a full-blown Hufflepuff, but he is also a Gryffindor (like his momma!).



Name: Sarge
Breed:  German Shepherd
Age: 7 months
Favorite Food: Anything and Everything
Favorite Treat: Puppuccino
Favorite Toy: Ball
Favorite Activity: Being Chased
Best Trick:
 Being off leash and not running away ha




1. You take your dog to the a brand new dog park. They:
✓⃝ Bravely bounce into the park, introducing themselves to all the dogs.
⃝  Stick right by your side, annoyed if another dog tries to approach you.
⃝  Are mostly interested in the agility toys (hoops, jumps) set up.
⃝  Quickly introduce themselves to the other humans present, figuring out how to get pets/scratches from each.

2. You place a treat under one of three upside-down cups. They:

⃝  Wait for you to reveal where the treat is.
✓⃝⃝  Sniff until they’ve found the right cup, and push it over to receive the treat.
⃝   Immediately go to the correct cup and treat, no sniffing required.
⃝  Knock over all three cups to find the treat.

3. A visitor comes over for the first time. Your dog:
⃝   Runs happily up to the person, wagging their tail.
⃝  Sticks by your side until you indicate that the visitor is okay.
⃝  Does something new and unexpected each time you have a new visitor.
✓⃝⃝  Doesn’t let the person in until they have been thoroughly sniffed and approved of.

4. It’s time for a treat! Your dog prefers:
✓⃝ Pretty much anything you give them. They’re always up for something new!
⃝  A simple puzzle toy, like a Kong filled with peanut butter
⃝  A complex puzzle toy, where they have to solve a puzzle to get a treat dispensed (like a shuffle board or flip board)
⃝  A chew, such as a bull stick or beef knuckle

5. Does your dog have any nervous habits?
⃝   Nope, they’re always confident.
⃝ ✓⃝They yawn.
⃝  They hide.
⃝  They stick out their tongue or lick their nose.

6. Does your dog bark a lot?
✓⃝⃝  Only if approached by an unfamiliar dog or person.
⃝   All the time.
⃝  Only if you ask them to “speak”.
⃝  Yes, but only at a low volume.

7. You take your dog to an obedience class. They:
⃝  Grow bored after a while and start exploring the area.
⃝  Keep trying until they get every command perfectly.
✓⃝ Pick the commands up quicker than all the other dogs in the class.
⃝  Figure out how to get to the treats without following a command.

8. Would your dog make a good service dog?
⃝   Maybe. They’re generally kind to everyone, but also love adventures.
✓⃝⃝  Absolutely! My dog would do anything for me.
⃝  Sure – they’re a quick learner.
⃝  Nope, there’s no way they wouldn’t get into trouble.

9. You take your dog hiking. They:
⃝  Run ahead to scout out the trail.
✓⃝ Never get tired and stick by your side the whole time.
⃝  Want to sniff everything.
⃝  Stay close, but as the leader of your “pack.”

10. You give your dog a new toy. They:
✓⃝ Destroy it.
⃝  Are obsessed with it and play with it for hours.
⃝  Quickly grow bored with it.
⃝  Would rather play with the packaging.

A: 4 | B: 4 | C: 1 | D: 1


Mostly As: Gryffindor – your dog is courageous, brave, and chivalrous.
Mostly Bs: Hufflepuff – your dog is a hard worker, is patient, just, and loyal.
Mostly Cs: Ravenclaw – your dog is intelligent, creative, a quick learner, and witty.
Mostly Ds: Slytherin – your dog is ambitious, cunning, resourceful, and a good leader.

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Book Blogger Insider Tag

I saw this over on Kay Wisteria’s blog Hammock of Books and thought this would be a great tag to start my new Thursday Tags.

Where do you typically write your blog posts? Generally, I write them on my couch on my laptop with my dog’s head on my lap 🙂


How long does it generally take you to write a book review? It really depends on the book! It depends on how much I loved or hated (sorry!) a book. For the in-betweeners, those seem to take me the longest to write. Also, if there are a ton of quotes I loved, it makes it way easier.

When did you start your book blog? January! It’s a work in progress, but so worth it.

What is the worst thing about having a book blog in your opinion? It takes a lot of time! And I think I stress myself out sometimes by giving myself deadlines for a review every week haha.

What is the best thing about having a book blog in your opinion? The community! Everyone is really supportive and it’s a large group of people who feel the same infinite love for books that I do.

What blog post have you had the most fun writing so far? This is a hard question. I’m not sure. I think it’s easier to say the ones I didn’t enjoy as much, or were more difficult.

What is your favorite type of blog post to write? Definitely the review of ARCs. The authors and publishers really appreciate it and it’s great to hear the feedback from the authors!

When do you typically write? Whenever I can fit it into my schedule. At night, before work, etc.

Do you review every book you read? Yes! Anyways, I have to in order to keep up with my review post schedule haha.

How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of coffee or tea? With Netflix? Cuddled with your fur baby? Sometimes I have tea! I’m not a coffee person. Generally, I am catching up on a show or watching Netflix (I’m a multi-tasker!). Usually, my puppy is somewhere around…whether eating a treat on the floor or resting his head in my lap.

When do you write your book reviews? Right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book? Really this depends when I have time. But fear not, the post will always be there..even if I’m up all night before finishing the book and finishing the review in the morning before work.

How often do you post? Very soon, I will be posting almost every day.

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Sunday Comics

Tag! You’re it!

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Fiction No Chaser

You don’t have to do it if you’ve already done it, or don’t want to! Please feel free to do this if you want to and are not tagged! If you would like to be tagged on future tag posts, please let me know and I’ll tag you next time 🙂

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I Love Spring Book Tag

I was tagged in the I Love Spring Book Tag by Abi at What Makes A Good Book
Abi writes a monthly book tag and this month’s tag is about Spring. There are seven topics for this month.

1. How is spring where you live?
We just had a warm streak of 40s-50s the other weekend, but things have been getting chilly again. We’ve actually had snow the past few days. Looks can be deceiving and when I take Sarge for a walk and don’t bring mittens, I regret it. I am not looking forward to the rain and fro hair to come back 😦 However, it will be nice to be outside more and I will be landscaping galore this year.
2. Most anticipated book this spring?
The Fates Divide
I going to go with The Fates Divide (Carve the Mark #2) by Veronica Roth. I have yet to read the first one (but I want to…and soon!), however, from what I hear, it is amazing. Plus shout out to my homegirl since she is from the great land of Lincoln, like me!


3. What book cover makes you think of spring?
La La Lovely
I knew which cover right away…mostly because I absolutely adore it! Not only that, but the novel itself reminds me of Spring. You know the phrase “Spring Cleaning”? Well, I think it can be taken two ways…both cleaning out your house/closet and also emotionally. This novel made me realize that I need to look at the world from a different perspective…which I do. So, like Spring, there is hope for the coming on a better future.
4. Where are you going to read this spring?
I imagine myself reading in my backyard, at a park, or at my parent’s house on their pond…anywhere where it is peaceful and quiet! Hopefully in my newly landscaped backyard, which will have more privacy and greenery. 🙂
5. Find a cover with the sun on it!
The Boys in the Boart
The sun is to the left, I swear! I love this cover and it clearly depicts what the story is about on a larger scale. It is the story of nine college students on their journey competing in rowing and representing the U.S. in the Olympics in Berlin during Hitler’s reign. Such a good read!
6. What are your favorite spring reads?
I would probably say I tend to read more fantasy, and young adult in the warmer weather. Throw in a few non-fictions. For whatever reason, I have a harder time reading mysteries in the spring, maybe because they have a darker premise…who knows!
7. Find a book with a ton of different colours on it. 
This screams color! I NEED to read this book. So many books, so little time. I am a Marie Lu fan, though! While I was looking through my reads, I realized I tend to go for darker colored titles…whatever that means!
I hope you enjoyed the tag, and let me know any answers to any questions on here in the comments!