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Winter Jam 2018


If you have never heard of Winter Jam before and you are Christian, you need to go! It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to…and there were so many talented artists there!

So the story goes that I was originally looking for Jordan Feliz concerts (because I adore him). Well, I happened to stumble upon this concert that not only featured Jordan Feliz, but Skillet, and a new favorite, Dan Bremnes. Being a few weeks after my brother’s birthday and knowing that he also enjoys Skillet, I figured what other birthday present could compare? Plus, who wouldn’t love my company?! haha

P.S. I apologize ahead of time for gracing everyone with my beautiful singing voice you may hear in the videos. The sound quality may be a little lacking…too much bass (said only me ever).

First up…Dan BremnesATT00001
All of his music is really catchy and just so positive, I don’t know how you could ever be in a bad mood listening to it.


Next up…Jordan Feliz, the man of my night



Last but certainly not least…Skillet!

So, this is how they opened the show…Not complaining whatsoever! Looked much cooler in person!
“Feel Invincible”

Jen Ledger rocking on the drums
“The Resistance”

Who can not think John Cooper is one of the most attractive guys out there?! Not only that, but he acts pretty much like Bane (any superhero/villain nerds out there like me?!) in this video:


One surprisingly great addition to the concert was John Crist. Those of you who know me know that it takes a lot to make me laugh. Not only that, but I really haven’t found any stand up comedians to be funny. That all changed last Friday when John Crist walked on the stage. I was literally crying.

As for overall experience, I would give this an easy cropped-star1cropped-star1cropped-star1cropped-star1cropped-star1. I will definitely be going back next year!

Bookish Features

A Letter To My Ex

Dear Ex,

It’s been months since we dated. More time has passed than the time we spent together. I still wonder why all of it had to happen the way it did. Why was I not enough? Why did my feelings not matter? What more could I have done to show you how much I cared for you?

I probably never told you enough how proud I was of you. You were always looking out for others even when they didn’t reciprocate it to you. Always giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. You were the guy that was always there when a family member or friend needed you. It hurt me to see how loving you were towards them, but they only fit you in when you were convenient to them or when it was beneficial to them. I didn’t want anyone to hurt you.

I wish things didn’t end on such a bad note. I wish we could’ve had that final “goodbye”. I wanted to feel like I was the most important thing to you always and a thousand times more important than those who came before me. I wanted you to be the one who stayed. Who never left. The one I could tell anything and everything to. Who would be there whenever I was having a bad day and needed a shoulder to cry on. I needed you.

I will always be grateful towards you. I learned how to love by dating you. There were times you made me feel like your whole world. That no matter what I did, you would always be there for me. Maybe I asked too much. Maybe I wasn’t the one who could give you everything you wanted, but someone out there can. I want you to succeed in every aspect of your life. I want you to find someone who you couldn’t stand to be without, where your heart aches leaving them even for a minute. But most of all, I want you to be happy. And hopefully your experience with me will lead you to that.

Love Always,
Your Ex