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Suicide Squad, Volume 1: Kicked in the Teeth

Suicide Squad - Vol. 1 - Kicked in the Teeth

Title: Suicide Squad, Volume 1: Kicked in the Teeth
Author: Adam Glass (Author), Federico Dallocchio (Illustrator), Clayton Henry (Illustrator)
Rating: ★★★★

So, there are lovers and haters of the Suicide Squad movie. In the movie, Harley Quinn is depicted as this strong, independent woman. However, for those of you comic book nerdies out there, we know that to be entirely false. It just annoys me that so much is changed to fit a movie when the comic clearly makes much more sense. Ugh!

Supervillains recruited from prison, sent on covert missions and injected with a nanite bomb so we stay in line. A bad deal.

suicide_squad_0023Supervillains hired by an undercover government organization as an agreement to serve less time. Injected by a nanite bomb to coerce cooperation, we find Deadshot, Harley Quinn, King Shark, and more on their new mission. A zombie virus breakout is brewing and the Suicide Squad is dispatched to find a certain lady and her “package”. This package is the cure for the dreaded zombie virus.


Along the way, Harley Quinn finds out about the death of her “Puddin'”, aka The Joker, and goes off on her own to find his face that was removed as a sign of his death. With her Harley gang emulating her, the Suicide Squad finds themselves in a struggle to defeat the posers before the detonator of the implanted bombs runs out. 


We find ourselves left with the supposed death of one of our precious Suicide Squad members. Is that person really dead? Where is the Joker’s body? What happened with Yo-Yo after saying he was alive in King Shark? Will the Squad survive the virus and the Harley Quinn look-alikes? What happens next?











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WWW Wednesday – May 23, 2018

WWW Wednesday is a book blog meme hosted by Taking on a World of Words where bloggers answer three questions: What are you currently reading? What did you just finish reading? What are you going to read next?

Currently Reading:

I am currently reading Wraith Lords of Zeiglon by Steve Stephenson & K.M. Tedrick. This is the second novel of the War of the Staffs series.

I am also reading Suicide Squad, Volume 1: Kicked in the Teeth by Adam Glass.

Just Finished:

Since my last post, I finished Dark Days: Road to Metal by Scott Snyder. This comic was different than any other comic I’ve read before, but I’m excited for what’s to come. This is part one of the four-part event. The publication date was yesterday.

I also finished Victoria Vanishes by Christopher Fowler. This is my June 2018 Mystery Book Discussion novel for the book club at my local library.

Reading Next:

Next, I will be reading King’s Folly by Jill Williamson and Dark Nights: Metal: Deluxe Edition by Scott Snyder.

What’s on your WWW Wednesday this week? Be sure to comment below and I’ll check it out!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Best Character Names

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish and now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

1. Scarlet“Scarlet”, Marissa Meyer

2. Kaz, “Six of Crows”, Leigh Bardugo

3. Jace, “The Mortal Instruments”, Cassandra Clare

4. Tris, “Divergent”, Veronica Roth

5. Warner, “Shatter Me”, Tahereh Mafi

6. Finnick, “The Hunger Games”, Suzanne Collins

7. Magnus, “The Mortal Instruments”, Cassandra Clare

8. Four, “Divergent”, Veronica Roth

9. Sirius, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, J.K. Rowling

10. Maven, “Red Queen”, Victoria Aveyard


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Tamarack County (Cork O’Connor #13) by William Kent Krueger

Tamarack CountyTitle: Tamarack County (Cork O’Connor #13)
Author: William Kent Krueger
Rating: ★★★★

Evelyn Carter, wife of a retired judge goes missing. Cork O’Connor, a retired sheriff, is called to help on the investigation. Due to a massive snow storm, traces are Evelyn are next to none. Is she already dead or will they able to find her before it is too late?

Conveniently, Anne, O’Connor’s daughter, comes home around the same time all of this is happening. Is there a connection? Why is she acting so strange? 

You are the light. The darkness will always try to snuff you out.

Bad things are happening in Tamarack County. A friend’s dog is beheaded and O’Connor’s own son’s life is threatened not once, but twice! Over twenty years ago, an innocent man may have been sent to prison on account of O’Connor. Is there a coincidence between these murders and the ones twenty years ago? 

Remember when we used to sleep out in the backyard in the summer, hoping we’d see the northern lights? We’d stay awake as long as we could and nothing would happen. Then we’d finally fall asleep, and sometimes we’d wake up and there they’d be. I think happiness is like that. If you spend your life looking for it, you’ll probably be disappointed. It comes on its own.

I found it really cool to learn more about the Native American culture. It was my first experience of this lifestyle and a good one at that! Being the first time I’ve read a novel that included a shaman, it was an interesting twist on a murder mystery.

What did bug me, though, was that O’Connor started seeing his son’s girlfriend’s mom. Like what?! Come on, dude, nothing good can come out of that! And then you end things with her to go back to a girl that ditched you. You’re old, you should know better than that! She only told you she loved you because she knew she was losing you to someone else. Ugh! I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.

Who is behind all of these murders? Will justice ever come to Evelyn and Dexter (the dog)? Is there a connection between these murders and the case from twenty years ago?


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Dark Days: The Road to Metal by Scott Snyder

Title: Dark Days: The Road to Metal
Author: Scott Snyder (Author), James Tynion IV, Jim Lee (Illustrator), Andy Kubert (Illustrator), John Romita Jr. (Illustrator)
Rating: ★★★

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Batman and the rest of the Justice League (Green Lantern, Flash, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, etc.) are back at it again in this new DC Epic! 

Batman is being sketchy. So what exactly is his secret? Is it war or something else?

The beginning of the comic starts with a new theory that Batman is up to something. But what could it be? As Batman goes on his journeys, we begin to discover the truth behind his beginnings. But how is it all related to the other characters? Carter, aka Hawkman, recounts this brief history before one of his premeditated deaths. 

The Joker is after a precious metal that dates well back into the history of Earth. By delving back into the history of the bat (and other symbols…one including our Hawk friends…could this be how the rivalry came about?), we see the powers of this precious resource. So how can it be obtained now? Can it be manufactured or is it indigenous? Will Batman be able to find the roots to this mystery before the Joker and his gang?

One thing that I found unique and haven’t seen in any of the other comics I’ve read before (I’m not super experienced) is that there are references to other comics throughout, which help the audience gear up for some big event that is coming next. 

As usual, probably the best thing about comics is the artwork. This rings true to this comic. Bringing in the older issues really makes it unique when describing the current event and gives the reader a background to the story, especially if they haven’t read the historical issue in the past. 

Not having read some of the previous comics, I can see how this may be a little confusing as a standalone and to someone only just beginning their journey into comics.

The ending…ah! For those of you who know me, you know I love my Gotham villains. And of course, my favorite, the Joker is back at it in this issue! Mind blown of how I think it will all come together in the next issues. Hello conspiracy theory!

Can Batman exist without Joker? What will end up happening to Batman? How are all of the other heroes related? We will have to read the other comics to find out!

The expected publication date is May 22, 2018.


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Pet Treater Welcome Box


I think we all like to spoil out pets. So, I figured I would try Pet Treater without going way overboard in budget. Some of the other boxes looked really cool, but were very expensive. Pet Treater costs $24.99 per month and includes a variety of items. Your first month, they send the above “Welcome Box” that provides some of the customer’s favorite items, as well as, a pet bed.



Retail Value: $8 – $13 based on other Animal Planet plush dog toys







Retail Value: $9.99







Retail Value: $4.99






Retail Value: $17.95





Retail Value: $9.99





Retail Value: $11.99





Retail Value: $8.50






Total Retail Value: $71.41 – $76.41

This is a program that I will be doing monthly. Sarge knows exactly what this is when I bring it in the door. And surprisingly enough, he loves all of the treats and toys (an obviously the bed!). The only thing I think there is improvement for is the dog-related items that are not for the enjoyment of the dog, like the odor or the book. I’ll be honest, I’m not going to use those items. I wanted this box specifically for Sarge to get treats and toys. But overall, the value of the box is worth it.