Bookish Features

June 2021 Wrap Up


Books Read: 3

Pages Read: 1,369

Currently Reading:


    • Completed April 2021 Paper Pumpkin
  • Resized_20210612_194133
    • Completed May 2021 Paper Pumpkin
  • Resized_20210612_185335(1)
    • Alex Toussaint’s Ride to Greatness Challenge: Game 4 on Peloton
    • Completed Annie’s Kit Club April 2021 Farmhouse Style (Rise & Shine Chalkboards)
  • Resized_20210620_103831(2)
  • My sister’s wedding (I was Maid of Honor)
  • Went Downtown with family from out of state (Don’t mind my eyes…super sunny)

My Posts:


Tentative TBR:


  • Catch up on all of my crafts
  • List products I made on Poshmark
  • Garage Sale
  • My friend Jenna’s wedding (Standing Up)
  • Visiting Colorado to look for houses to rent!

What books did you read in June?!

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