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FairyLoot March 2020 “Break the Curse” Box

FairyLootMARCH 2020

Resized_20200507_171521Cursebreaker Book Sleeve












Raven Boys Headband







Resized_20200507_171119Wonderland Passport Cover

Queen of Nothing Tumbler Cup






Caraval Lanyard






Genie NotepadResized_20200507_171204











Seven of Cups & Eight of Cups Tarot Cards


Bone Crier’s Moon
FairyLoot Exclusive Edition, Beautiful Shimmery Sprayed Edges, Exclusive Foil on the Title, Artwork on the Reverse of the Dust Jacket by @dianadworak, and Signed by the Author
Kathryn Purdie

Did you get the March 2020 FairyLoot “Break the Curse” Box?
What did you think? I loved the tumbler and book sleeve!



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