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January 2020 Physical Book Haul

The Starless Sea
Erin Morgenstern


*Christmas 2019 with Bre

Scavenge the Stars
Tara Sim

*OwlCrate Exclusive Edition with a Completely Different Cover Design, Signed by the Author

Tears of Frost
Bree Barton

The Wickerlight
Mary Watson

Sword of Destiny
Andrzej Sapkowski

Blood of Elves
Andrzej Sapkowski

The Time of Contempt
Andrzej Sapkowski

Baptism of Fire
Andrzej Sapkowski

The Tower of the Swallow
Andrzej Sapkowski

The Lady of the Lake
Andrzej Sapkowski

Season of Storms
Andrzej Sapkowski


*Purchased from Barnes & Noble and Amazon

A Heart So Fierce and Broken
Brigid Kemmerer

*FairyLoot Exclusive Cover, Embossing, Author Signature, & Beautiful Art on the Reverse Side of the Dust Jacket

Woven in Moonlight
Isabel Ibanez

*LitJoy Crate Exclusive, Signed by the Author, Reversible Dust Jacket with Artwork by the Author, Author Letter, and Art Print Separate from the Book

Rosaria Munda

*Signed copy from Seminary Co-op Bookstores

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