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Six for Sunday – December 8, 2019

#SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by Steph @ A Little But a Lot.

Books I Want To Give as Gifts

Fie was such a strong, patient, female lead. Her selflessness is her weakness and I love that characteristic about her. It is so real. The decisions she faced were realistically dealt with, the relationships were warm, and the mistrust of new people was warranted. The Merciful Crow is a unicorn: beautifully crafted, vulnerable, and realistic. Definitely a top read of 2019!

What makes this story different from other dragon novels is that the reader can feel the emotions of the dragons. The bond between dragon and rider is so intense, it almost serves as a link to the souls. I want a dragon. Munda brings us a captivating story of political unrest, revolution, and the chance to create history. I’m excited for the next installment!

In a story of deceit, death, peace, and most importantly, family, The Girl the Sea Gave Back doesn’t disappoint! This novel left me wanting more and I can see so many more spin-offs that Young can grace us with (please, pretty please!).

This is not what I expected, but it definitely didn’t disappoint! Maia is the epitome of a strong, female character. Just like in Mulan, with no eligible male heir able to assist the emperor, Maia takes it upon herself to represent her family and restore honor to their name. In a time where women hold no power, she takes it upon herself to swallow her pride, dress like her brother, and hide her true identity from everyone else.

Welcome to a world where The Maze Runner, Hunger Games, and Divergent are a reality. In order to get a chance to apply to an infamous college, children of a certain age are given the opportunity to compete for a chance in Holm’s maze. But this isn’t your typical maze…beasts and ghouls are around every corner, it is an exercise both physically and mentally, and death is an imminent threat. In a story of women empowerment, justice, and the desire for equality, we find ourselves encountering two women want entirely different things, but on the same journey to happiness.

The action is non-stop and intense. I was engulfed in the novel the entire time I was reading it and actually wanted to read more than the allotted Buddy Read chapters per day. I’m excited for the sequel!

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