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Six for Sunday – November 24, 2019

#SixforSunday is a weekly meme hosted by Steph @ A Little But a Lot.

Books I’d Throw In the Fire

Guys always talk about crazy ex-girlfriends. Well, this girl outshines them all. She is the epitome of crazy: breaking into houses, a phantom dog, and attempted (and some successful) murders. And all of this for a “talking” house. Is any house worth that much? Especially since we only “hear” two words at the very end. I think not! I found it extremely odd that this house was more important than her sister and even her husband. “House” was the only thing worth living for in Elizabeth’s eyes (and we see this by her trying to commit suicide and arson at the same time). If she couldn’t have this house, then no one can.

I think some sections of the novel were long-winded and irrelevant to the story. If more focus was put on specific battles and the love between Murphy and Dona, or a little more backstory on some of the other natives of Guatemala experiencing these horrific events, I believe this could become a truly captivating story.

I felt like the author was trying to fit too many of today’s issues in one book. It just felt pushed and I didn’t really think that most issues added anything to the story. Aurora seems unrealistic in her approach and would be in extreme trouble with the law in real life. I just didn’t find the story believable.

I think this is a more relatable read for someone still in high school or middle school. For me, I was out of touch and didn’t relate to any of the characters, but I think that mainly has to do with age (I felt a little pedophily). Had I been a bit younger, I think this would’ve been a fun read.

Looking around Goodreads and other blogger’s websites, this novel wasn’t a fan favorite. And honestly, I did like it, not love it. I thought it was even-paced and kept the reader wanting more. It was nice to see the perspectives of the three potential heirs. However, the only downfall, to me, was that I felt it predictable. But, then again, I’m always good at figuring out mysteries. I would definitely read the sequel when it comes out (I want to see if my predictions are correct)!

I was really excited for something a little darker for once, but this fell flat for me. I didn’t care for any of the protagonists and for someone who is a big fan of villains, even these didn’t seem to hit the spot. Hopefully other people enjoyed this more than I did! The premise for the next installment seems promising? Maybe? Hopefully?

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