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Win Your Free Copy of Fires of the Dead Here!

Good morning readers! I have some exciting news to share: Jed Herne and I have partnered together to bring you a chance to win a personalized, signed paperback copy of Fires of the Dead! You can see my review for the novella here.


Hi! I’m Jed Herne, author of Fires of the Dead, and to celebrate the release of my debut fantasy book, I’m giving away an exclusive signed, personalised paperback copy!

Wisp is a pyromancer: a magician who draws energy from fires to make his own flames. He’s also a criminal, one job away from retirement. And it can’t come bloody soon enough.

Leading his misfit crew, Wisp ventures into a charred and barren forest to find a relic that could change the realm forever. But they aren’t the only ones on the hunt, and the forest isn’t as barren as it seems …

A jaded gang leader longing for retirement

A bloodthirsty magician with a lust for power

A brutish fighter who’s smarter than he looks

A young thief desperate to prove herself

A cowardly navigator with secrets that won’t stay buried

Together, they must survive fights, fires, and folk tales that prove disturbingly real – if they don’t kill each other first.


“…the perfect read for someone looking to be quickly immersed in a magic system unlike anything else.” – Nicole Wallace

“I honestly did not put this one down til I finished.” – Katelyn Dickinson

“…a real page turner (it gave me goosebumps)” – Caitlin Shaw

How this works:

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(Oh, and when you sign up, I’ll send you a bonus short story right away as a thank-you – so everyone who enters will at least win something!)


Due to printing/shipping restrictions, you must currently live in the following countries to enter: USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada.



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