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Bookeyman-A-Thon TBR


This Halloween the Bookeyman is coming. He’s here to take all the books away!  & The Bookish Chick need your help defeating him. They’ve gathered the best of the best but only one team can have the final victory over defeating the Bookeyman. Which team will you join this October?

Witches will represent Team Coven.
Monsters will represent Team Mash.
Zombies will represent Team Horde.
Vampires will represent Team Clan.
Werewolves will represent Team Pack.

Who will you represent this Halloween season?
Who will hold the final victory over the Bookeyman?!

Team Pack

You can find me with all the other wolves on Team Pack!

Group Book

28181799. sy475

Any Stephen King Book

Team Book


Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce

Become the Alpha of Your Pack

Read the First Book in a Series

Serpent and Dove

Full Moon is Out and You Feel the Shift

Read a Book That Features a Shapeshifter or Animal Sidekick

For A Muse of Fire

Your Friends Need to Learn to Control Their Strength/Speed. Help Train Them

Buddy Read

The Haunting of Hill House

The Full Moon

Complete a 24-Hour Read-A-Thon During the Full Moon (October 13th)

To Kill a Kingdom

Is anyone else joining? If so, what team did you join?

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