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Men and Women Are From Eden by Mary Healy

Men and Women Are From Eden

Title: Men and Women Are From Eden: A Study Guide to John Paul II’s Theology of the Body
Author: Mary Healy
Rating: ★★★★

Maybe you’ve heard of Pope John Paul II’s theology of the body and wondered, vaguely, what it’s all about. Maybe you’ve never heard of it until now and are asking, theology of the what? Maybe you’re already familiar with the basics and are ready to incorporate this teaching on sex, love and marriage into your own life.

Whatever your level of understanding, you’re probably ready for some good news about sex in a culture littered with the bad news of divorce, adultery, sexually transmitted disease, heartache and loneliness.

This guide is designed to help you appropriate the Pope’s astonishing message: True, lasting love—that which humanity enjoyed in the beginning, before the Fall—is possible here and now. In nine straightforward lessons, Men and Women Are from Eden introduces the reader to the pope’s warm, deeply biblical understanding of God’s original plan for men and women, a plan that brings with it healing of mind in regard to sexuality and the body.

This next quote from the novel gave me a great epiphany and I’m surprised I never even noticed this prior from both the books and the movies. I never even realized that the “bad” side didn’t have any family or love. It was just full of individuals and selfish means. It’s just crazy to me that a series most people adore has some Christian meaning behind it without anyone even realizing it. I love it!

In The Lord of the Rings we see forces gathering for a battle of cosmic significance. Two cultures are pitted against each other. On one side is the Shire, a land steeped in the joys of home, kinship, friendship, and ancestral ties – a world shaped by marriage and family. On the other side is Mordor, a land devoid of love, marriage, family and any personal commitments, a world whose goal is to demolish the Shire and everything it represents.

At the center of the war is a ring. This ring is not one that binds through covenant love but one that enslaves through lust, deceit and ambition. It is in fact the antithesis of a wedding ring. You could call it the “anti-marriage ring”.

Overall, I did enjoy this study guide. It provided a lot of fact and examples. It’s crazy how fast things can change from how they used to be to how they are now. And that things can become accepted so fast and on such a large scale. Love is great and it does still exist!

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