Sesame Beef Tacos

20180927_202221Recipe: Gouda Pork Burgers
Vendor: HelloFresh
Calories: 720

Time: 20 min
Rating: ★★★

The flavoring used for the beef was savory and sweet, however, I would advise you not to add the sriracha as it spoiled the previous flavoring. But, when in doubt, add hoisin sauce (not included with the recipe). Hoisin sauce is my best friend. My boyfriend and I literally add it to every dish we cook. It is so sweet and succulent that I just can’t get enough! Honestly, our version was probably better than the recipe would’ve been.

As for the pickled radishes and cucumbers…they were a hit! They added a little crunch to the tacos that had my taste buds screaming for me. And, especially for me, I can’t eat a lot of meat…just not a big fan. The pickled veggies made it easy for me to load my taco up with meat! 

The cooling sour cream, tart pickled veggies, and sweet and savory meat were a great combination that I would definitely try again!

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