Garden Quesadillas

20180926_200024Recipe: Garden Quesadillas
Vendor: HelloFresh
Calories: 620

Time: 30 min
Rating: ★★★★

You know why salad is always one of the first items you encounter? Because it is a filler. And, that’s kind of what I thought about this dish. I’m all about a good salad, however, when the main course has a lot of the same ingredients, just feels like not a lot of thought went into the side dish. However, the main event, the veggie quesadillas, exceeded my expectations with flavor and there was enough cheese for even me! I would definitely try the quesadilla portion of this dish again. The vegetables were crisp yet soft, the cheese was savory, and the combination perfect. Besides from being distracted cleaning and accidentally overcooking the tortillas, I thought the quesadillas were a success!

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