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Dreams & Nightmares Special Edition LitJoy Crate

LitJoy Crate


So, this was my test run for unboxing videos, so bare with me (it was probably horrible). I still need to work on angles and everything. However, I figured this method is a lot easier than taking pictures of each item individually. Plus, it’s always nice to see what is in the boxes early. My goal, however, is to unbox is the shortest time possible while still explaining the items. I always found that I wished unboxing videos were shorter. Let’s be real…all we really want to see is the product and not me talking!

ANNOUNCEMENT: I will be taking a break from blogging until January 2019. With that said, I will still be posting unboxing videos. Life is just busy right now and I think a break is in order. But, I’ll be coming at you all hot in 2019. Peace (kissy face).

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