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Don’t Let Go by Harlan Coben

Dont Let Go

Title: Don’t Let Go
Author: Harlan Coben
Rating: ★★★★

This was my September 2018 Mystery Book Discussion group read at my local library.

The mystery starts out with a girl named Daisy and an Officer Rex who con people into getting drunk and arrested for DUIs, Daisy being the sleazy flirt and Rex being the cop to catch them. However, things turn south when the victim really conned them, and Officer Rex is found dead.

Detective Dumas is approached by two police officers asking him for help in the murder case. However, Detective Dumas quickly finds himself with a new investigation on his hands, involving ex-girlfriend Maura Wells, who disappeared fifteen years ago. Other people are starting to die. Will Dumas catch the murderer or forever wonder what the link between the deaths really is?

I really liked that this was a standalone book. I feel like most of the books we have been reading for the group have been parts in a series, and while they could be read as a standalone, there was always some aspect missing that the earlier books filled in (so I was left out). One thing I found was odd was how Dumas would talk to himself, but he was actually “talking” to his brother, Leo. I get it, a sign of grieving, but still weird.

And poor Hank! I just feel so bad for him 😦

What I loved about this mystery was the reader saw all of the different aspects of the story. We found out little, almost separate stories along the journey. But of course, nothing is ever not deliberate…and they actually helped piece the puzzle together. The pace was constant, capturing, and almost wish you asked for a follow-up novel (What?! Who said that?! Not someone who wishes every novel was a standalone). I loved how everything fit together and I wouldn’t change a thing!

BONUS: If you donate to some charities sponsored by Harlan Coben, you can have your name included in one of his novels! How cool is that?!


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