Bookish Features

August 2018 Illumicrate Box



Exclusive Edition, Sprayed Edges, & Bookmark
Sarah J. Maas

We all know how uptight Maas is about signings, but at least give us an ARC then! Come on!



Exclusive Villains Are My Bag
KDP Letters

Is it just me or does this make absolutely no sense?






Exclusive Sirius Snacks Coaster
Katie Abey




Exclusive Darkdawn Nail File
Hey Atlas Creative



Exclusive No Mourners No Funerals Lanyard
Fable and Black








Exclusive Antagonist / Protagonist Necklace
Down The Rabbithole




Exclusive Perfect Heist Candle
Elvenwick Candles






Exclusive Easiest Lies Mirror
Reverie and Ink






Exclusive Gotham Sirens Print
Jamila Mehio







Extras from:

  • Girls of Paper and Fire, Tempests & Slaughter, Sisters of the Winter Wood, Harper 360


Honestly, I was terribly disappointed in this box. The book wasn’t even signed and to make up for that, I was sure there would be at least an ARC, especially since there has been in the last few (and a big reason that I purchased this). Aside from that, I felt like the items were things I would be able to find at the dollar store (harsh, I know, but let’s be real). I don’t think the content was equal to the price I paid, and in my opinion, the value should be more and it just wasn’t for me. Also, I think I like the original cover better (sad sighs). I’m going to give it one more chance, but this was not a good first impression for me whatsoever.


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