Bookish Features

August 2018 FairyLoot Box





Exclusive ‘Why is the rum gone?’ Water Bottle
KDP Letters






Exclusive Prince Elian Candle
Nerd Poured Candles




Exclusive Pirate Wax Seal


ATT00001 (2)


Exclusive Sweet Peat Sugar Scrub Soap
Geeky Clean






Exclusive ‘Impossible’ Hanging Flag
Reverie and Ink


Note that there is an extra “S” in “Ussually”, so FairyLoot will be sending out perfected flags to everyone who purchased this box.





Exclusive Pirate Magnet
Miss Phi




These Rebel Waves
Sarah Raasch
FairyLoot Exclusive Book, Author Letter, Signed Book, Sprayed Green Pages, Botanical Plant Card, and Exclusive Artwork of Adeluna and Devereux by Taratjah


Bonus item:

  • Exclusive King of Scars Sampler/Poster


This was by far my favorite book subscription box by far! so many useful and clever things. I don’t think there is anything that I will just put aside and not use! And the book is beautiful!

ATT00001 (3)

Where my buddy at?! #MyBuddy004210


If you would like to get in on this great experience, use code IDOBELIEVEINFAIRIES for 5% off a 3 or 6 month subscription.

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