Bookish Features

July 2018 SpearCraft Box


JULY 2018



Wicked Inspired Quote Sticker
SpearCraft Book Box






Mermaid Tail Tall Socks












Mermaid Quote Magnet
SpearCraft Book Box




Mermaid Metal Wrist Cuff Bracelet




Ariel Bookmark
SpearCraft Book Box




Ursula Inspired Enamel Pin
Laura Stites Art










Wicked Inspired Bookmark
A Strange Dreamer



Poor Unfortunate Souls Glitter Candle
Salty Sea Water, Papaya, and Ocean Breeze
Dio Candle Company







Little Mermaid Inspired Double Sided Art Print
SpearCraft Book Box


Sea Witch
Sarah Henning
Book, Author Letter, & Signed Bookplate



So, the main reason I wanted this box was because of the novel. I’ve been wanting this book for a while now and, of course, had to get a signed copy! This was my first SpearCraft Book Box and, honestly, I was a little disappointed. I found my favorite items to be the ones not made my SpearCraft. I’m not really into all of the paper items since I can’t use them for anything. Also, a lot of the items seemed more generic to me than a lot of the other boxes I get. Is this a box I would order again? Probably not. However, I did enjoy a lot of the other items manufactured by other suppliers and I definitely loved the signed bookplate and novel!


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