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A Date for Hannah by Callie Henry

A Date for Hannah

Title: A Date for Hannah
Author: Callie Henry
Rating: ★★★

She was different. Unusual. Sort of like a complicated puzzle, and Liam found himself wanting to put the pieces together, positive that something really amazing would be revealed when he was done.

This novel is the perfect summer read. Short, sweet, and a positive experience. Definitely a great beach read. Hannah is relatable as none of us are truly “perfect”. We see her flaws and insecurities, which makes it that much more of an enjoyable read.

Hannah is attending her sister Bree’s wedding, who seems to be the idea of perfection. Perfect body, personality, and now husband. She is the complete opposite of Hannah. Hannah carries some extra pounds and believes that love only hurts people having seen the resentment carried out by Bree’s mom towards her after Bree and Hannah’s shared father got Hannah’s mom pregnant while married to Bree’s mom. Not only that, but every guy she is interested in doesn’t show the same interest in her.

While at her sister’s wedding, she meets Liam, the most handsome man she has ever laid eyes on. But little does she know, Bree paid him (rude!) to keep Hannah company knowing she was the youngest and didn’t know anyone else.

But is Liam enjoying his time more than just being a paid date? Will Hannah find out the truth? Will they still end up together?

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