Bookish Features

July 2018 FairyLoot Box


JULY 2018



Exclusive Magical Mug
Little Inkling Designs







Exclusive Theron’s Study Room Spray
Geeky Clean














Exclusive Ond Elder Vinyl Sticker
Reverie and Ink




Exclusive Tea Towel
KDP Letters

If anyone follows the emails, you will know that this was manufactured incorrectly, and we will be receiving new product when at a later date. It will look really cute, but the issue was it was print on backwards, but it looks great in a mirror! haha. I’ll update the picture when my new product is received.


Exclusive Quidditch Pen



Exclusive Zélie Art Print
Diana Worak






Heart of Thorns
Bree Barton
FairyLoot Exclusive book, Author Letter, Signed Book, Sprayed Red Pages, and Exclusive Mia and Quin artwork drawn by Noverantale


Bonus items:

  • Sweet Black Waves postcard with digital access to a sampler


Where my buddy at?! #MyBuddy009620


If you would like to get in on this great experience, use code IDOBELIEVEINFAIRIES for 5% off a 3 or 6 month subscription.

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