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Black Widow (Doc Ford Mystery, #15) by Randy Wayne White

Black Widow

Title: Black Widow (Doc Ford Mystery, #15)
Author: Randy Wayne White
Rating: ★★★

This was my August 2018 Mystery Book Discussion group read at my local library.

Doc Ford…marine biologist, detective, and occasional assassin. While living in the beautiful Sanibel / Captiva Island region of Florida, Doc is approached by his goddaughter (and former lover…weird) after being blackmailed during their drunken bachelorette party. The girls were videotaped doing things they wouldn’t want their fiances / husbands ever finding out. What happens in Saint Arc, stays in Saint Arc…or does it?

While investigating the person behind blackmail video, Doc finds out that this is not just happening to his friend, but to many other wealthy women looking to vacation to St. Arc. Sex, drugs, and scandal run St. Arc. Will justice come to those who deserve it? Who is behind the blackmailings?

I’m not exactly sure how I feel right now. I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel with the whales. Knowing who was behind the scandal from the beginning didn’t leave much to the imagination. Also, every character seemed so immature that it was hard to relate to any of them. There was so much more potential for the reader to figure things out, but it just didn’t seem like a mystery to me. I’m slightly disappointed because the premise and potential were there.


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