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Our House by Louise Candlish

Our HouseTitle: Our House
Author: Louise Candlish
Rating: ★★★

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

For those of you who are fans of Gone Girl and Big Little Lies, you will enjoy this new novel by Louise Candlish. Infidelity, lies, blackmail, murder, and betrayal are in abundance in Our House.

I must be mistaken, but it looks exactly as if someone is moving into my house.

Fiona (Fi) Lawson comes home after a trip to find that people are moving into her house. She and her ex-husband, Bram, are practicing bird’s nest custody of their children: sharing the same house in order to maintain as close to the same life as they possibly can for the boys. However, Bram’s created a web of lies that leads to the destruction of this agreement. But has he gone too far with his new exploit?

He planned not only to steal my property, but to help himself to my wife.

Bram is nowhere to be seen, Fi no longer has a home, and Harry and Leo aren’t at school. Secrets are everywhere and no one is as s/he seems. The situation seems to be getting worse and worse, and infinitely more complicated.

Where is Bram? Why are other people living in the house? How did everything come about?

He was convinced it would be easier for you if he wasn’t here to bring more shame on you.

There was so much more potential! I was really intrigued at the beginning, but as the story went on, I expected more “aha!” moments than I received. I really enjoyed seeing the story from both Fi and Bram’s perspectives. There was one twist I did not see coming, but I should’ve given the clues. Nothing gets past me (…except for this once)! 

This is a light and easy read laced with slight thriller traits. I would recommend this for people who enjoyed Gone Girl and Big Little Lies.

Expected publication date is August 7, 2018.


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