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Suicide Squad, Volume 4: Discipline and Punish


Title: Suicide Squad, Volume 4: Discipline and Punish
Author: Ales Kot (Writer), Matt Kindt (Writer), Patrick Zircher (Artist), Rick Leonardi (Artist), Neil Googe (Artist), Sami Basri (Artist), Carmen Carnero (Artist)
Rating: ★★★★

Supervillains recruited from prison, sent on covert missions and injected with a nanite bomb so we stay in line. A bad deal.

We last find ourselves with the almost-destruction of our beloved Suicide Squad. But, one member was believed to not have survived… But fear not, Waller and her team have figured out a new serum that brings people back to life!

A new sheriff is in town, adding a more kills and fighting into the pre-existing, butt-kicking team. Not only him, but the addition of a new super-fast feminine Squader.

And maybe that’s some of the true measure of love – – the kindness we give to those who are too damaged to ever perceive it.

Not falling in love, but staying in it.

Regardless of what comes.

But someone not part of the Suicide Squad and, perhaps, closer to Waller, shows up and plays a big role in Volume 4…James Gordon Jr. This guy is creepier than the Joker himself. And to make things more interesting…he is in love with Waller (hah! Didn’t know anyone could love her).

A giant monster built from dead bodies and controlled by the “Mother” rears its ugly head in this volume, however, I have a feeling she will show up more in the next volume (hopefully?).


What I really enjoyed was that the reader was able to delve deeper into the lives of Deadshot and Harley Quinn prior to the Suicide Squad, and also, later of the Squad disbanded and had their nano bombs removed from their necks. Harley Quinn was not portrayed as being as weak as she had been in previous volumes.

This was definitely the best comic of this event so far! It was an easy, fast read that flowed well and kept the reader engaged and wanting more the whole time. If you didn’t like the previous volumes and weren’t thinking of continuing with the event, please do! This one makes it so worth it!


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