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Shadowsong (Wintersong, #2) by S. Jae-Jones

ShadowsongTitle: Shadowsong (Wintersong, #2)
Author: S. Jae-Jones
Rating: ★★★ 

Since I read Wintersong, I figured I must read Shadowsong.

Once there was a little girl, who played her music for a little boy in the wood. She was an innkeeper’s daughter and he was the Lord of Mischief, but neither were wholly what they seemed, for nothing is as simple as a fairy tale.

After deciding on life at the end of Wintersong, we come to find Liesl trying to figure out her purpose and how to live without the Goblin King in the conclusion of the duology.

The story begins when Liesl receives a mysterious letter from her brother living in Vienna. Finally figuring out that Josef is a changeling, his demeanor starts to change. Liesl’s relationship with Josef is changing, while her lack of closeness with the Goblin King is proving her inability to produce without inspiration. In order to bridge the gap between the worlds, Liesl is forced to find a way back into the Underground.

“Take me,” I whisper. “Take me back.” The green and gray of the Goblin King’s eyes flash white and blue, white and blue, the pupils shrinking to a pinprick of black. The corners of his lips curl, close-so close-to mine. As you wish, my dear. As you wish. A breath, a sigh, a kiss, and we are met.

By giving away his bride, the Goblin King has made himself less human. However, there are times when glimpses of Liesl’s austere man come out to play. 

It isn’t life that keeps the world turning; it is love.

Once in the Underground, Liesl is given a choice between saving her brother and the man/goblin she loves. Who will she choose? If she chooses her brother, what will happen to the Goblin King? If she chooses the Goblin King, will she ever see her brother again and how will their relationship change? Is there a way to save both?

Your music is a bridge. Play it, and we shall always be together. Play it, and I shall always remember. You. Life. What it means to love. For your music was the first and only thing in this world that kept me human, the first and last thing I give back to you.

The ending was predictable, but I wasn’t disappointed in it. It was, perhaps, the only part of the novel I actually enjoyed. To say I was disappointed by the novel as a whole, would be an understatement. There was just so much more potential to go a different direction with the second book…and I wish the author would’ve.

Personally, I have had a really hard time getting into this novel. And, unfortunately, I think it started a book slump with me :(. I found it extremely hard to get into, and after finishing, struggled to find the purpose of this novel. I felt that the series would pretty much be the same without it besides for the very end. I’m not really one for character growth in a novel and this specifically focuses on Liesl’s journey to find herself (talk about a bore! considering she changes who she is as a person). Perhaps S. Jae-Jones should’ve focused on how the Goblin King came to be? I mean, really, don’t people really just care about him?


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