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June 2018 Pet Treater Box

Pet Treater

We all love our pets and love to spoil them. Pet Treater costs $24.99 per month and includes 7 – 8 items. 



Retail Value: $6.99 – I couldn’t find the direct product, but I took the lowest pricing of a similar toy.








Retail Value: $5.99

What is nice is that they add in a little something for the humans.






Retail Value: $9.99






ATT00001 (1)


Retail Value: $16.55

He is obsessed with this toy, however, you can barely touch it and it squeaks, so it can make for a long night ha. Also, he pulled off the furry part the first day :/



ATT00001 (3)


Retail Value: $11.79

I thought this was funny, but I can see how it would be useful!




ATT00001 (4)


Retail Value: $3.97





ATT00001 (5)


Retail Value: $4.08

I don’t think this necessarily made my dog relax…he actually seemed to have more energy, but he loved it!




Total Retail Value: $59.36


I did like this box. I think some of the products are sometimes lower quality or not as “tuff” as they say. Also, I would prefer they give something else for my dog instead of an item for me. I did buy it for my dog, after all. Overall, though, I think Sarge enjoyed the box.

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