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Suicide Squad, Volume 3: Death is for Suckers


Title: Suicide Squad, Volume 3: Death is for Suckers
Author: Adam Glass (Author), Fernando Dagnino (Illustrator), Henrick Jonsson (Illustrator), Cliff Richards (Illustrator)
Rating: ★★★★

Supervillains recruited from prison, sent on covert missions and injected with a nanite bomb so we stay in line. A bad deal.

At the end of the last installment, Deadshot was killed in his hero-ridden suicide, also allegedly killing Regulus. But is he really dead? Where is Regulus’s body?


Our good friend (and my favorite super villain) is back. But why?


After escaping the hands of the Joker, Harley Quinn wakes up after much damage has been done from her escape. But, someone else decides to join the party once more…make that two past Suicide Squaders.

suicide squad 03 harley quinn deadshot

But a new “package” is needed and the Suicide Squad is back in action. However, one of the Squad knows the keeper of the “package” very well. And Waller is in on the action with the Suicide Squad this time!

Amanda Waller turns off the bomb detonators embedded in the necks of the Suicide Squad…giving them the choice to help on this next mission or go their separate ways. But of course, leaving would have consequences. 

A Suicide Squad member is killed, leaving someone new as leader of the pack. Who is this guy and what is his involvement with the Suicide Squad?

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