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Quiz: Sort Your Dog Into A Hogwarts House

I saw this quiz over at Breanna’s blog and I couldn’t pass it up! I took her out for her birthday dinner and told her I was stealing this! My blog is Synopses by Sarge, named after my beloved pup! Initially, I was thinking he was a full-blown Hufflepuff, but he is also a Gryffindor (like his momma!).



Name: Sarge
Breed:  German Shepherd
Age: 7 months
Favorite Food: Anything and Everything
Favorite Treat: Puppuccino
Favorite Toy: Ball
Favorite Activity: Being Chased
Best Trick:
 Being off leash and not running away ha




1. You take your dog to the a brand new dog park. They:
✓⃝ Bravely bounce into the park, introducing themselves to all the dogs.
⃝  Stick right by your side, annoyed if another dog tries to approach you.
⃝  Are mostly interested in the agility toys (hoops, jumps) set up.
⃝  Quickly introduce themselves to the other humans present, figuring out how to get pets/scratches from each.

2. You place a treat under one of three upside-down cups. They:

⃝  Wait for you to reveal where the treat is.
✓⃝⃝  Sniff until they’ve found the right cup, and push it over to receive the treat.
⃝   Immediately go to the correct cup and treat, no sniffing required.
⃝  Knock over all three cups to find the treat.

3. A visitor comes over for the first time. Your dog:
⃝   Runs happily up to the person, wagging their tail.
⃝  Sticks by your side until you indicate that the visitor is okay.
⃝  Does something new and unexpected each time you have a new visitor.
✓⃝⃝  Doesn’t let the person in until they have been thoroughly sniffed and approved of.

4. It’s time for a treat! Your dog prefers:
✓⃝ Pretty much anything you give them. They’re always up for something new!
⃝  A simple puzzle toy, like a Kong filled with peanut butter
⃝  A complex puzzle toy, where they have to solve a puzzle to get a treat dispensed (like a shuffle board or flip board)
⃝  A chew, such as a bull stick or beef knuckle

5. Does your dog have any nervous habits?
⃝   Nope, they’re always confident.
⃝ ✓⃝They yawn.
⃝  They hide.
⃝  They stick out their tongue or lick their nose.

6. Does your dog bark a lot?
✓⃝⃝  Only if approached by an unfamiliar dog or person.
⃝   All the time.
⃝  Only if you ask them to “speak”.
⃝  Yes, but only at a low volume.

7. You take your dog to an obedience class. They:
⃝  Grow bored after a while and start exploring the area.
⃝  Keep trying until they get every command perfectly.
✓⃝ Pick the commands up quicker than all the other dogs in the class.
⃝  Figure out how to get to the treats without following a command.

8. Would your dog make a good service dog?
⃝   Maybe. They’re generally kind to everyone, but also love adventures.
✓⃝⃝  Absolutely! My dog would do anything for me.
⃝  Sure – they’re a quick learner.
⃝  Nope, there’s no way they wouldn’t get into trouble.

9. You take your dog hiking. They:
⃝  Run ahead to scout out the trail.
✓⃝ Never get tired and stick by your side the whole time.
⃝  Want to sniff everything.
⃝  Stay close, but as the leader of your “pack.”

10. You give your dog a new toy. They:
✓⃝ Destroy it.
⃝  Are obsessed with it and play with it for hours.
⃝  Quickly grow bored with it.
⃝  Would rather play with the packaging.

A: 4 | B: 4 | C: 1 | D: 1


Mostly As: Gryffindor – your dog is courageous, brave, and chivalrous.
Mostly Bs: Hufflepuff – your dog is a hard worker, is patient, just, and loyal.
Mostly Cs: Ravenclaw – your dog is intelligent, creative, a quick learner, and witty.
Mostly Ds: Slytherin – your dog is ambitious, cunning, resourceful, and a good leader.

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