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King’s Blood (The Kinsman Chronicles, #2) by Jill Williamson

King's BloodTitle: King’s Blood (The Kinsman Chronicles, #2)
Author: Jill Williamson
Rating: ★★★★

I received the ARC King’s War from NetGalley. It is the third book in the series, so I figure I probably need to read the first two, amirite?! Check out my review of King’s Folly

Every fall is an opportunity to stand.

We last find our beloved characters aboard ships taking them to the “new land” after facing Arman’s wrath.


Charlon has taken the form of Lady Zeroah in an attempt to trick Wilek to help her bear the “Deliverer”. However, once Mielle asks Trevn to receive her necklace, the real Lady Zeroah is found. But is it too late for the Armanians? Has Charlon achieved her goal?

Meanwhile, Trevn and Mielle are cute as always. I really admire Trevn and his mission to understand the functions of the ship, to be just like you and me. And he is just so respectful of Mielle and it is so apparent how much he really adores her (heart eyes smiley).

Wilek is tasked with taking over authority as the King’s sickness worsens. But will this just put him in more danger?

Gentlemen, get your tuxes! Ladies, put on your dresses! A royal wedding is about to happen!

And then…the next chapter a sea monster attacks!

What will happen with Charlon? Is she pregnant? Will most of the ships make it to land before the serpents destroy them all? 



Two royal weddings. Multiple births and more on the way. So much deception. And so many deaths.

Mreegan and the mantics now have the “Deliverer”. Traitors loom on all sides. With the death of one of the sârs and the king close to death, who will gain control? Five realms, one leader…a fight to be King.

Poor Hinck! He literally got the short end of the stick. Always doing things to help others, he is also punished worse and worse each time. Rogedoth is on his trail that he is a traitor and Wilek’s spy. What lengths will he go to in order to keep his secret? Will his family ever learn the truth? Will him and Pia (she is my favorite) ever be together?

Land ho! The chapter ends with both the Armanians’ and Rogedoth’s ships ready to step ashore this unknown land.

Where is Mielle? What will happen with the “Deliverer”? Did the ships land on the same island? Is war looming?



Different is special. And being special is a blessing.

The “Deliverer” is growing at a rapid rate, his new strength and powers surging the older he gets. But with a adolescent body and a child’s brain, he doesn’t see the consequences of his immature actions. Will this lead to trouble down the road, or worse, death?

Trevn seeks to find his lost bride. Along the way, he encounters giants. But which side do the giants’ alliances lay?

Our beloved Wilek is declared king and announces his loyalties to one god, Arman. How will his people react: will they follow or choose to abandon his rule? And was his wife and baby poisoned? Who is behind all of this?

Charlon, “Mother”, gives free reign to Shanek, the “Deliverer”. But will this only hurt the outcome? Now that she is Chieftess, what trouble lays ahead for her?

Originally, I was going to give this novel only three stars, however, the last two chapters changed my mind completely. Williamson pulled a George R. R. Martin on me. I didn’t even realize I liked this character that much until she ripped out my heart, threw it on the ground, and stabbed it continuously. And then, to try to gently pull a fast one on me in the last chapter. I’m book burning mad, but can’t do that since this is a library book…I already hate the next novel and I haven’t even started it yet.

Anyways…War is brewing. Who will take over control of the island?

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