Bookish Features

May 2018 FairyLoot Box


MAY 2018



Exclusive Fear Book Sleeve
Reverie & Ink







Exclusive Wyrd Mark Page Flags
Fictionea Designs









Exclusive Weapon Coaster
Evie Bookish







Save the Kingdom Tea
The Tea Leaf Co.








Exclusive Norgard Vegan Bath Bomb
Little Hearts Gifts



Exclusive Remnant Vegan Lip Scrub
Geeky Clean

Morrighan, Venda, or Dalbreck – Which did you get?




Onyx & Ivory
Mindee Arnett
Black Sprayed Pages w/ Signed Plate, Author Letter, & Sticker (Hydrist)



Bonus items:

  • Legendary tarot card
  • Smoke in the Sun bookmark


This was my very first FairyLoot box and I loved it! I’m so excited to read Onyx & Ivory and to try all of these products! Did anyone get a different sticker and lip scrub than me? For those of you who received a box for May 2018, did you love it?!

Where my buddy at?! #MyBuddy006175


If you would like to get in on this great experience, use code IDOBELIEVEINFAIRIES for 5% off a 3 or 6 month subscription.

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