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May 2018 Pet Treater Box

Pet Treater

I think we all like to spoil out pets. So, I figured I would try Pet Treater without going way overboard in budget. Some of the other boxes looked really cool, but were very expensive. Pet Treater costs $24.99 per month and includes a variety of items. Your first month, they send the above “Welcome Box” that provides some of the customer’s favorite items, as well as, a pet bed.



Retail Value: $1.35

Have food, Sarge will come and this was a fun treat to give him!






Retail Value: $13.99

Sarge loved this! I just wish the pieces were a little bigger for him since he is such a big boy!






Retail Value: $6.00 – $10.00

This was ripped extremely fast and it was supposed to be a “tuff” toy, so I was a little disappointed with that. He still carries it around with little stuffing left, though!






Retail Value: $8.99

Sarge loved this! Just add water and freeze and it’s a great treat for a hot day!






Retail Value: $8.27

This reminds me of the Kong, just with a little bit of texture.






Retail Value: $9.23

I don’t give Sarge baths that often because of his coat, but this will be really convenient when I do, since it is a spray!






Retail Value: $9.99

I found this to be extremely beneficial for us! It’s easy to apply and my parents have acreage, so it will be really nice for him to not have that greasy stripe on his back.




Total Retail Value: $57.82 – $61.82

The overall value of this box was slightly lower than the welcome box, and I’m sure it depends on the month. However, Sarge loved this box! He knew what it was as soon as I brought it in the door and went to town. 



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