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Pet Treater Welcome Box


I think we all like to spoil out pets. So, I figured I would try Pet Treater without going way overboard in budget. Some of the other boxes looked really cool, but were very expensive. Pet Treater costs $24.99 per month and includes a variety of items. Your first month, they send the above “Welcome Box” that provides some of the customer’s favorite items, as well as, a pet bed.



Retail Value: $8 – $13 based on other Animal Planet plush dog toys







Retail Value: $9.99







Retail Value: $4.99






Retail Value: $17.95





Retail Value: $9.99





Retail Value: $11.99





Retail Value: $8.50






Total Retail Value: $71.41 – $76.41

This is a program that I will be doing monthly. Sarge knows exactly what this is when I bring it in the door. And surprisingly enough, he loves all of the treats and toys (an obviously the bed!). The only thing I think there is improvement for is the dog-related items that are not for the enjoyment of the dog, like the odor or the book. I’ll be honest, I’m not going to use those items. I wanted this box specifically for Sarge to get treats and toys. But overall, the value of the box is worth it.

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