Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner

20180312_200308.jpgRecipe: Winner Winner Chicken Orzo Dinner
Vendor: HelloFresh
Calories: 730

Time: 30 min
Rating: ★★★

This dish was just “alright” for me. There wasn’t really anything special about it and I felt it was kind of bland. Not to mention, it is not the easiest to butterfly chicken if you’ve never done it before. I wish they would’ve pre-cut the chicken. The orzo was pretty bland and didn’t really have any seasoning flavor to it. 

The part I did like was the zucchini and tomato. Baked in a Italian seasoning, the flavor was already there. Add the mozzarella, panko, and parmesan, and there is no denying the added flavor! It was crisp and stringy and really, for me, made the meal.

Had it not been for the veggies, the overall rating would be down. This is not a meal I would recommend and found myself not even wanting the leftovers.


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