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Then She Was Gone by Lisa Jewell

Then She Was GoneTitle: Then She Was Gone
Author: Lisa Jewell
Rating: ★★★★

Ellie Mack was everyone’s favorite in the family. At fifteen, she had the perfect life: a hot boyfriend, excellent marks in school, and the happiness most dream of. That is…until one day when she goes to the library and never comes back.

That was how she’d once viewed her perfect life: as a series of bad smells and unfulfilled duties, petty worries and late bills.

Ten years later, Laurel Mack, Ellie’s mom is living the exact opposite life. Now divorced, she still clings on the thought of that Ellie may still be alive. One day, her luck does a complete one-eighty. Spending some time alone at a local cafe, a charming fella encourages Laurel to share a piece of cake and the rest is history! 

When I read a book it feels like the real life and when I put the book down it’s like I can go back into the dream.

Soon enough, Laurel becomes a part of his family and is introduced to his youngest daughter…oh and by the way, she happens to look just like Ellie! With Poppy sharing the same spirit, Laurel starts question her new perfect life.

Can any man be so perfect? What is he hiding? What really happened to Ellie? Is there any relation between Poppy and Ellie, and what does Floyd have to do with it? Who else is hiding something?



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