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All the Little Liars (Aurora Teagarden #9) by Charlaine Harris

All the Little LiarsTitle: All the Little Liars (Aurora Teagarden #9)
Author: Charlaine Harris
Rating: ★★★

So all of you may know Charlaine Harris from the popular TV show, True Blood. While the characters are horrendous and the books aren’t all that thrilling, All the Little Liars was a new approach from Harris’s typical fanfare. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not thrilled with her writing style or plot line. It’s predictable and I found it annoying.

That’s not the only thing I found annoying. Another was our beloved protagonist. She can’t seem to keep her nose out of anything and is a little condescending towards law enforcement, which is a big “no no” for me. 

Anyways…the story begins in a small Southern town. Our protagonist, Aurora Teagarden, works my dream job as a librarian. Due to an unexpected pregnancy, her wedding is rushed. An unexpected surprise comes when her step-brother, Phillip, runs away from their shared father and comes to live with her and her new husband. One afternoon after school, three children go missing and Phillip is one of them. As we soon come to find out, a body is found at the last known destination of the teenagers.

The cruelty of children is more shocking than the cruelty of adults. Not only was I shocked, I was angry. But it felt somehow wrong, unhealthy, to be so furious with a child.

Is the recent bullying of an eleven-year-old girl the source of the childrens’ disappearances? Is Phillip responsible since she had a crush on him? Did one of the bully’s older brother kidnap them for standing up for his sister’s victim? Are they still alive?

It must be one of the worst things in the world, to see your child revealed as a selfish little sadist.

Phillip, the new guy in town, is one suspect in the case against the missing teenagers. Did he kidnap the eleven-year-old who has a crush on him after embarrassing him? Aurora decides to take on the investigation by herself. I felt like the author was trying to fit too many of today’s issues in one book. It just felt pushed and I didn’t really think that most issues added anything to the story. Aurora seems unrealistic in her approach and would be in extreme trouble with the law in real life. I just didn’t find the story believable.

Could Phillip’s dad’s gambling be the cause of his disappearance? Did the new guy, Phillip, hold his peers hostage? Did bullying go too far? Will the teenagers be found alive?


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