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Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser

Not That I Could TellTitle: Not That I Could Tell
Author: Jessica Strawser
Rating: ★★★

We’re trying to account for her whereabouts, Mrs. Tiffin. She didn’t show at work today, and Abby and Aaron never arrived at school.

Yellow Springs seems like a relaxing, family-oriented place. One Saturday night, six women from the neighborhood spend an evening enjoying wine around a bonfire. The next morning, one mom disappears with her two children. However, it seems like all women had too much to drink and don’t remember most of the night.

Ever wonder what your friends really think of you?

Clara, a close friend of Kristen, is concerned of her friend’s whereabouts. Kristen Kirkland lives the type of life most people imagine. She is married to a doctor, involved in her children’s school, and seems to have her life all in order. However, the more that is revealed about Kristen, the more everyone starts to question if they really knew her at all.

Neighbors are lying, people are sneaking around, and drama is roiling all amidst the disappearance of a mother and her two children.

Where is Kristen? Where are the children? Did they leave? Did something bad happen to them? Does it involve Kristen’s soon-to-be ex-husband? You’ll have to read to find out.

One positive thing about this novel is that it was an easy read. The characters were all relatable, which you don’t necessarily always find where there are so many involved. Probably what lowered my expectation is that I found it predictable. All of the clues were there, so the ending didn’t surprise me like I would’ve liked. Everyone else seems to like it, but it just didn’t do it for me, unfortunately (maybe I read too many mystery novels).

The expected publication date of this novel is March 27, 2018.


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