Game-Day Beef Chili

20180201_210355Recipe: Game-Day Beef Chili
Vendor: HelloFresh
Calories: 730

Time: 30 min
Rating: ★★★

Usually, I make my own chili, but I decided to change it up this time. Beef vs Turkey. It wasn’t anything special, although, no chili has really had me wanted more besides a place in the Pittsburgh airport. 

One thing I can comment on is that there was enough chili for three meals, which was nice.  The poblano didn’t really do much for me.  Also, be prepared…HelloFresh loves scallions, so be ready to have that ingredient included in most meals (seems more like a garnish than anything else for me really). I don’t think the amount of chili was worth $20 worth of a meal, though. Based on the ingredients and quantity, I could make it for less for sure. I don’t think it was a recipe I would purchase again.

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