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The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley

The BelovedsTitle: The Beloveds
Author: Maureen Lindley
Rating: ★★

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

What is a Beloved? A Beloved is someone who has everything come to him/her easily, whether it be beauty, wealth, good fortune, or likability. In this story, Gloria, Elizabeth’s sister seems to be just this. Not only does Elizabeth’s lover (also a Beloved) fall for her, but she has the good graces of their shared mother, and with that, receives the inheritance of the house instead of Elizabeth, the eldest child.

Based in contemporary time, I wasn’t convinced it was today’s time. It felt older to me. Maybe with how the inheritance worked. Most people don’t live in the house that their parents lived in after they’re deceased. Also, since there wasn’t the mention of technology all that much, maybe that led me to this realization.

On to the good stuff…Elizabeth. Guys always talk about crazy ex-girlfriends. Well, this girl outshines them all. She is the epitome of crazy: breaking into houses, a phantom dog, and attempted (and some successful) murders. And all of this for a “talking” house. Is any house worth that much? Especially since we only “hear” two words at the very end. I think not! I found it extremely odd that this house was more important than her sister and even her husband. “House” was the only thing worth living for in Elizabeth’s eyes (and we see this by her trying to commit suicide and arson at the same time). If she couldn’t have this house, then no one can.

We see Elizabeth, this crazy woman, but I wish she was stronger. She lets everyone just walk all over her. We see this especially when Gloria and Henry move into Alice’s (and now Elizabeth’s house) and treat it as their own, how Bert so easily moves on with Helen and in their own apartment! She talks the big talk, but we see how her relationships completely take advantage of her obsession with the house. The one thing that was refreshing about her, though, was that she isn’t this overly optimistic protagonist that we see with most novels.

 I was hoping for some kind of resolution. Because I didn’t feel fulfilled by the one given, so I didn’t really see the point of the plot. I’m not sure how her apartment neighbors had anything to do with her obsession with the house and why their were victims to her insanity. It just felt completely random to the rest of the story. There could have been so much more, but this novel just left me feeling “blah”.


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