Tropical Fish Tacos

20180130_182844.jpgRecipe: Tropical Fish Tacos
Vendor: HelloFresh
Calories: 540

Time: 20 min
Rating: ★★★★

First of all, let me comment on having no idea how the picture given by HelloFresh is so perfect. How do you get soft taco shells to stand up on their own?! Anyways, the above is the best I can do haha.

Okay, so easiest way I figured to describe this recipe would to go layer by layer. Let’s start with the tortillas. Do you ever go to the store and buy a pack of flour tortillas and it seems like none of them are light and fluffy? That was not the case with these tortilla shells. They were light, but thick enough to not break with the added food weight. Now, onto the fish. The seasoning for the tilapia was plentiful and delicious. Every crevice was perfectly coated, which also led to cooking the fillets perfectly. It had a southwestern flair that was the perfect hint of spice. Cue the slaw. First of all, I was very hesitant of making this. I hate red cabbage and the idea of my taco being sweet doesn’t sit well. However, the bitterness of the red cabbage and the sweetness of the mango really pairs well together. Mixed with the tanginess of the sauce and the spice of the fish, the bitter sweetness of the slaw made the perfect combination for a fast and easy meal.

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