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Two Girls Down by Louisa Luna

Two Girls DownTitle: Two Girls Down
Author: Louisa Luna
Rating: ★★★★

Welcome one of the only mystery thrillers that I was unable to crack before the main characters did. Two Girls Down contains complex characters (Thank you, Louisa Luna!), a well-developed plot, and intriguing suspense.

On the way to a birthday party, while stopping to buy a present, Kylie and Bailey are abducted. With the help of “the Bastard” (a hacking genius), Alice Vega and Max Caplan (“Cap”) embark on a journey to discover the whereabouts of the two missing girls, while figuring out a connection behind multiple abductions in the area. 

Cap truly believed there was nothing harder than being a kid. You were always an alien trying to learn the earth rules

The above quote was in respect to how Nell took Cap and Jules’ divorce. Children believe some things are their fault, when they are just caught in the crossfire. We see how pure their souls are with Kylie’s actions alone. How reason sometimes isn’t a factor, but the well-being of those we love. I really enjoyed Nell’s character, probably as my favorite. She was direct, uplifting, caring, and highly intelligent. She reminded me of Vega. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the detective’s personality, and as some of you may know, I generally loathe female characters. Vega was relatable, strong, confident, independent, and sure of her abilities. Her confidence in herself made her desirable as a protagonist.

Let’s get to the good stuff…was it romance between Alice and Caplan? I wanted this to workout so bad! They fit each other like pieces of a puzzle, one more rash and forthcoming, the other sensitive and calculated. What is even better is that they learn through each other as the story progresses. We are left hanging on the edges of our seats about what is to come of these two.

The ending…was it all a dream or did everything really happen? I still don’t know haha. The clock is ticking. Will Kylie and Bailey be rescued before time runs out?


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