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A Soldier’s Song by Irene Onorato

A Soldier's SongTitle: A Soldier’s Song
Author: Irene Onorato
Rating: ★★★★

I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

So, ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of marrying a military man. The love for the country and selflessness were both values I admire in a significant other. Of course, Jason (Dex) Dexter happened to contain these qualities, while also showing chivalry and respect. Who wouldn’t love a guy like that?! 

With how many young people act today, it almost seems unbelievable that this story could happen in today’s time (although, I hope it happens similarly for me). Despite this, I know that there are relationships out there just like this! My friend, for example, found a military man just like Dex (but better!) and didn’t know she could be treated as well as she is now. It was a refreshing read and I enjoyed every single minute of it, although I was a little jealous of Aria. Chivalry is a quality that is dying in this generation.

By far, my favorite character was Pops. He is the sweetest grandpa that I wish I had (mine are no longer with us 😦 ). He knew exactly the right things to say and you could just feel the love emanating off of him. I just wanted to give him a big bear hug!

It seems like at every turn, Dex runs into some girl from the past. Aria is willing to put aside boyfriend time in order to practice for her concert audition, while at the beck and call of her ex-professor. After a break, will the fire reignite and will Dex and Aria live happily ever after, realizing what is truly important in life?

Will Dex’s past create a toxic relationship? Will Aria’s dreams of becoming a concert pianist (with the help of a sketchy teacher) come in the way? Can they overcome these difficulties for the sake of love?



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